SmokeFreeRadio Network Show Schedule


#YouBetYourAsh with Kevin Price                                  Monday      8:00 PM

#SmokeFreeRadio with Dimitris Agrafiotis                     Tuesday     9:00 PM

#TheVulgarVaper with Fergus Mason                      Wednesday     9:00 PM

with Amy Lane                                   Friday      9:00 PM

#SonOfLiberty with Patrick Riffe                                   Saturday    11:00 PM

#VapeStars with JT                                                             Sunday     11:00 PM  

#StateofVapeinCanada  with John Xydous         Pre-recorded podcast


Show times listed are in Eastern Time zone. (GMT-4)

All shows available on the Replays page. 
The hosts all have real lives and times/dates are subject to change.