The Kabuki by House of Hybrids


After my frustration with Version 1 of the Kabuki, while attending the Canadian Vape Expo and visiting the House of Hybrids setup at the LaVapeShop booth I decided to give the updated version a try. Being a mouth to lung vaper, our choices are limited by far. Both me and my wife loved the draw of the original Kabuki however the issues with refilling, tolerance on orings and frustrations placed both in the Hall of Display dept of my vape lair. 

I purchased the Version 1.5 from the booth in a SS finish (to match most of my setups) and it now comes with both a 510 thread adapter that you can remove to expose the native P3 threading which is how I am currently using it on my Provari Radius. 

I am really glad I decided to try it again. Airflow is key to any mouth to lung atomizer and Zen has figured it out. It is something me and Phil have been trying to explain to Chinese manufacturers. Simply restricting airflow, making the hole smaller, or even adding a small mouth piece does not make an atomizer mouth to lung. The draw even though adjusted with a small allen key that is included once set is one of the best resistance draws I have ever tried with a stock coil I am a set it and forget it kinda guy so the fact that I have to use a tool to fine tune does not bother me (although it might bother some).

I have been using it on my Radius with the native P3 connection paired with the Aspire Nautilus 1.6 ohm coils which I prefer. With that resistance I can vape all day on one battery with ease of use and great draw and flavor.

For me the Kayfun RTA has always been the staple of mouth to lung tanks (although the Kayfun 5 is debatable) but I hear so much about those that follow me and vape with the same style about rebuilding. I can recommend the Kabuki as one of the best after market tanks with replacement coils for mouth to lung vaping. Period.

Pricing obviously for any piece like this could be a factor for alot, but understand that this atomizer is made here in the US and that is what drives the price up. It is my understanding that even the orings which are now improved are made custom for the tank. Pricing for me is not an issue when I find a great vape that I can enjoy my nicotine delivery so I went ahead and ordered another one this week to setup for my wife and cannot wait to get her feedback on it. 

Closing, you know I really care about the smokers and the only thing that could make the Kabuki better is an easier filling method. I talked to Zen about this and he mentioned that although top fill has been out for a while, no one has really perfected it and the way the Kabuki is designed to get that amazing airflow, prohibits it from being able to top fill at this time.

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